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Javiera Castillo Navarro

Semi-supervised semantic segmentation of large scale remote sensing data
with Bertrand Le Saux and Sébastien Lefèvre

Pierre-Alain Langlois

Geometric and semantic approaches for digital building model reconstruction
At ENPC (Imagine team).
with Renaud Marlet

Pierre Godet

Machine learning for multi-frame motion estimation in videos
with Aurélien Plyer and Guy Le Besnerais PhD January 2021.

Rodrigo Caye Daudt

Deep learning for remote sensing multi-temporal image analysis.
At ONERA (DTIS/IVA) and Télécom Paris (LTCI/IMAGES).
with Bertrand Le Saux and Yann Gousseau. PhD November 2020.

Undergrad / MSc. Students

Corentin Sautier: Self-supervision for point clouds, 2021, cosupervised with Gilles Puy, Renaud Marlet, Spyros Gidaris and Andreï Bursuc

Anh Quan Cao: Scene Flow Estimation from 3D Lidar point cloud using deep learning, 2020, co-supervised with Gilles Puy and Renaud Marlet

Björn Michele: Zero-shot learning for 3D data, 2020, co-supervised with Maxime Bucher, Renaud Marlet and Gilles Puy

Jean-Lynce Gnanago: Deep learning TEC map prediction, 2018, co-supervised with Fabien Gachet

Noellie Cherrier: Deep learning TEC map prediction, 2017, co-supervised with Thibault Castaings