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Valeo4Cast: A Modular Approach to End-to-End Forecasting

Yihong Xu   Éloi Zablocki   Alexandre Boulch   Gilles Puy   Mickaël Chen   Florent Bartoccioni   Nermin Samet   Oriane Siméoni   Spyros Gidaris   Tuan-Hung Vu   Andrei Bursuc   Eduardo Valle   Renaud Marlet   Matthieu Cord

CVPR Workshop on Autonomous Driving (WAD), 2024


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Motion forecasting is crucial in autonomous driving systems to anticipate the future trajectories of surrounding agents such as pedestrians, vehicles, and traffic signals. In end-to-end forecasting, the model must jointly detect from sensor data (cameras or LiDARs) the position and past trajectories of the different elements of the scene and predict their future location. We depart from the current trend of tackling this task via end-to-end training from perception to forecasting and we use a modular approach instead. Following a recent study, we individually build and train detection, tracking, and forecasting modules. We then only use consecutive finetuning steps to integrate the modules better and alleviate compounding errors. Our study reveals that this simple yet effective approach significantly improves performance on the end-to-end forecasting benchmark. Consequently, our solution ranks first in the Argoverse 2 end-to-end Forecasting Challenge held at CVPR 2024 Workshop on Autonomous Driving (WAD), with 63.82 mAPf. We surpass forecasting results by +17.1 points over last year’s winner and by +13.3 points over this year’s runner-up. This remarkable performance in forecasting can be explained by our modular paradigm, which integrates finetuning strategies and significantly outperforms the end-to-end-trained counterparts.


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